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World War One

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Disadvantage of German in World War II

World War II was a worldwide military conflict which lasted from the late 1930s to 1945. World War II was the amalgamation of two conflicts, one starting in Asia, 1937, as the Second Sino-Japanese War and the other beginning in Europe, 1939, with the invasion of Poland. At the beginning of the war, German got a big advantage in military affairs. They occupied France, Belgium, Austria and other eastern European countries. Allies lost a lot army in Europe. However, Germany army was defeated so faster, Third Reich lost Europe in 2 years. I made a analysis about WW2, and I found that there are four part of disadvantage of German.

1 German did not consciousness advantages of paratroopers.

2 German did not enhance their navy when their submarine got successful in Atlantic.

3 German did not attach importance to the battle of Africa.

4 German needs to fright in Eastern Front and Western Front.

First, German did not consciousness advantages of paratroopers. Germany headquarters take a mistake about Crete Airborne Operation of the. They just saw the

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big casualty, but the generals did not know why they can occupy the island so fast. On the morning of May 20, German paratroopers landed at 08.00 near Male me and Crania. They want to take the vital airfields. On May 22, the Germans landed additional troops on the beaches of Male me and west of its airfield. The Germans captured the island in 10 days. (“Crete Airborne Operation of the” para 2) And American generals begin to mind this new kind of attack. On the follow warfare, American 101 paratrooper army played a key on D day. They help army landed successful and help to cut Liberation of Western Europe. In this warfare, 6,600 German soldiers, including one in four paratroopers, lay dead on the battlefield. The Allied soldiers were evacuated by the Royal Navy during four desperately dangerous consecutive nights between 28 and 31 May, with British Commandos providing cover. About 17,000 escaped; and more person were killed, captured and went missing. (“Crete Airborne Operation of the” para 4) Because it is the first time that the paratroopers were used into the war, the Germany army has a big casualty. The invasion got known as the first airborne invasion in history, but that honor goes to the German paratroop assault on Hague on May 10, 1940. Hitler was so shocked by German losses, that he never approved of a third large airborne operation again. Ironically, the allies took up the lessons and put them to good use at the Normandy invasion.

Second, German did not enhance their navy when their submarine got successful in Atlantic. Headquarters of German stopped to build aircraft carrier. They just rely

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on submarine to stop Allies. These reasons make Allies set up advantages of navy, and these advantages will help Allies a lot in D day. In May 1941, many of the U-boats operated in the Atlantic. They were ordered to the Mediterranean to block British supply routes. (“Germany navy” para1 ) When the United States entered the war that December, they did not take precautionary anti-submarine measures. This resulted that Allies lost so many ships that the Germans referred to it as a second happy time. Because of these reasons, submarine of German got a big advantage in Atlantic. So the Germany navy battleships were built slowly. They just built some super battleships. In January, 1943, the British developed a H2S radar system which was undetectable by Metox. In the spring, the Battle of the Atlantic began to use this system to protect their shops. Because of H2S, the Allies had fewer ships sunk and the Germany navy lost 25% of their active U-boats. On December, the German surface fleet lost their last active battleship in the Battle of North Cape. (“Germany navy” para6 ) By this time, the Germany navy was unable to regain the initiative. Allied improved their production, such as the mass-produced Liberty ships. The ever-improving technology led to increasing U-boat losses and more supplies to front. And Germany navy lost the Bismarck class battleships. It means German lost all sea power. This allowed for the massive supply build up in the United Kingdom needed for the eventual invasion of Western Europe in mid-1944.

Third, German did not attach importance to the battle of Africa. Rommel’s army

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got a big victory at beginning. But Hitler did not give Rommel an avail support. The reason is German lost Africa and they need to deploy their army in Italy, because Allies will attack Europe from Allies. By July 1942 the Panzer Army Africa had struck deep into Egypt. The army comprises the German Africa Korps and Italian and German infantry and mechanized units under General Erwin Rommel. They threaten the British Commonwealth forces' vital supply line across the Suez Canal. (“The First Battle of El Alamein” para 3) The big victory affect Hitler, he believed that Rommel could led Germany army to solve any difficult. By this reason, the support of Africa did not enhance. In Africa, the Second Battle of El Alamein marked a significant turning point in the Western Desert Campaign of World War II. The battle lasted from October 23 to November 5, 1942. Following the First Battle of El Alamein, which had stalled the Axis advance, General Bernard Montgomery took command of the British Empire's Eighth Army from Claude Auchinleck in August 1942. (“The Second Battle of El Alamein” para 6) Montgomery used advantage of tanks’ number to win the war. Because of



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