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Workplace Privacy Rights

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Essay Preview: Workplace Privacy Rights

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Writing Skills: A Skill Everyone Should Master.

Writing skills are a skill that many students may think they have, but truly they don't. Some students really don't understand how to write correctly. They may think that writing consist of simply just jotting things down in any kind of order. It is very important that students have good writing skills. They must be able to write clearly and effectively. They must be able to use details and examples, explain cause and effect, and are comfortable working with a topic, with organizing their thoughts. Students must understand the relationship between self-expression and thought and the corrections between reading, writing and editing.

Students need to be taught in a way that they enjoy writing. Of course for them to enjoy writing they need to feel comfortable and gain confidence. Students will become comfortable only if they have their skills in place. Students should be efficient at building paragraphs and essays. In order to attain these skills, it is important that follow the writing process through appropriate steps.

Unfortunately, many students have great difficulty writing. Some are capable of writing sentences, but are unable to form a paragraph. Some students though are able to form paragraphs, but find writing an essay to be a difficult task. Others may be able to draft an essay, but find it hard why or how to revise it.

With many students having a great deal of difficulty writing, many students dislike or avoid writing all together as much as possible. As a result, students end up doing poorly in school. Not only will they have problem in future grades, they may have real life situations expressing themselves in a letter are receiving advancement at their job. Here how some

information can be taken in to consideration on how one must write and have a better understanding of it.

First, you start with preparing for the type of writing that you are going to do (term papers, essays and essay tests, lab report, etc.) which should follow a certain outline starting with an introduction. You must come up with a topic, which you can state your thesis, objective or theme in a sentence or two. Define your audience and how you would address them. Establish what type of writing that would be most effective to communicate with them and consider the most effective tone that would get your point across. Arouse the reader's curiosity so that they will want to read about your topic. Develop a timeline that allows for you to edit or revise your writing.

Second, you should develop content, message and style in your writing. Your first paragraph should introduce you topic to your audience. Establish a perspective and/or point of view of the topic. One needs to focus



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