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Worklplace Motivation

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Cultural Motivation

A positive work environment is the underlying culture of the original Ben & Jerry's Company as well as Unilever, the present day parent company. The company produces consistent rankings among the world's most admired employers best known as a company putting people first. The culture at Ben & Jerry's encourages individuals to pursue goals, develop professionally, and maintain personal balance concerning work and family. The company believes the ability to attract the best employees creates a workplace, which provides employees a place to learn, develop, and succeed through training, mentoring, and strong people management (Unilever, 2010).

Ben & Jerry's encourages employee to join a culture that is full of respect and mutual trust. This creates an environment of shared responsibility between company and employee. Each employee is encourage to take ownership in his or her work taking responsibility for individual performance and the personal affects his or her performance does have on the company (Unilever, 2010)

Ben & Jerry's integrates many theories of motivation within the company. One theory that is evident within the company is the mini-theory of Self-actualization. Self-actualization encourages the innate need of an individual who has the desire to develop to his or her fullest potential (Reeve, 2009). In general, employees working for Ben and Jerry's are able to fulfill the need to make effective difference, while maintaining a strong value system. A value system maintained in the same manner at home and in the work environment.

Motivation through Diversity

Ben & Jerry's through their parent company Unilever believe diversity is an essential part of the company both in the sales arena and within the organization. Ben & Jerry's encourages a recruitment strategy that allows the employee's demographics reflect that of the consumers (Unilever, 2010). Ben & Jerry's encourage the diverse group of employees to express their thoughts and ideas believing this creates workplace respect and openness empowering employees to succeed. The diverse ideas expressed by the group of employees help the company gain a better understanding of consumer's needs, since the employees come from the same representation as the customer base. In general, Unilever through Ben & Jerry's goals include recruiting a diverse workforce, retaining the employees by providing a challenging environment that rewards employees by their new approaches. Additionally, the company continues to focus on the growth and innovation of Ben & Jerry's by helping employees reach their professional potential. Finally, the company establishes accountability in employees by keeping the company's goals in front of the employees. Enabling



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