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Working Mothers

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For some time working mothers have been blamed for the neglect of their children,

the breakdown of the family, and the decline of our society. Rather than the female

workforce consisting mainly of women who either have adult children or are childless,

recent decades have witnessed a growing proportion of employed women with children,

especially young children Recent statistics show that 42 per cent of mothers with children

aged newborn to four years are employed. The question we need to ask ourselves is,

how is this effecting our children and how is it effecting the mothers?

Research shows that mothers who go back to work before their baby reaches 9

months consign the child to poorer mental and verbal development by age three than

those with stay-at-home mothers. The cognitive and verbal development of

three year old children whose mothers neglected them by working at least 30 hours a

week were much lower then the average child according to.findings from Columbia

University reported in the July-August Child Development journal. It is risky for infant

to be away from their moms for more than twenty hours per week. Psychologists claim

babies that are separated from their mothers might turn out to be troubled later in life,

more likely to act out in school, and have poor relationships as adults. Without a significant

bond with their mothers infants are likely to grow up to be troubled and neurotic, and

they may even suffer serious character disorders as well as become depressed.

It can also cause quit a bit of stress on the mother, missing out on an important event in

the child\'s life, sharing the role of motherhood with a stranger, the pain of having someone

else seeing the joy of their child\'s \"firsts\", anxiety and the constant concern for whether

or not their child is getting adequate care.

Most mothers dont have a choice on weather or not they work. I ask that you

think about this, is it better to be with the child or put food on the table? The extra money that

the mother is briging in is very beneficial

to their child, allowing the child to have a better life

filled with more oppportunities. research

has shown that when a child is put in a daycare,

starting from one month old and on, they will have a better language and cognitive ability then

that of children at home. Children with working mothers also tend



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