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Woodcorp Inc. Introduction Essay

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Essay Preview: Woodcorp Inc. Introduction Essay

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  1. Introduction

WoodCorp Inc. specializes in the manufacture of wooden office furniture. Its main clientele is situated in downtown Vancouver and its plant is located north of this city. The furniture WoodCorp manufactures is very much in demand because of its original yet understated design that is appropriate for the business world.

 In operation for 35 years, the company employs approximately 150 people and has been listed on the stock exchange for the past ten years. The CEO and you, the director of human resources, have just put the finishing touches on a detailed succession plan for WoodCorp employees, based on a three-year horizon.

Within three years a number of your key managers, many of whom have been working at WoodCorp since it was founded, will be taking their well-deserved retirement. In recent years, few new employees have been hired to ensure their succession.

  1. Statement of the Problem
  • In a period of three years there will be a significant reduction in top level management due to loss- retirement.
  • There will also be a number of plant employees up for retirements as well.
  • Due to shortage of skilled workers the company must look at recruiting and retaining capable carpenters who are skilled in technical carpentry skills as well as finishing skills.
  • Testing for new employees will be implemented.
  • Our job descriptions are 10 yrs. old and need to be updated.
  1. Alternative courses
  • Within the next three years there will be a significant loss of essential employees at Woodcorp.
  • The legalities that need to be considered.
  • There is a shortage of skilled workers available due to a growing economic boom in their country.
  • The implementation of testing for new hires.
  • The development of new job descriptions.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  1. The advantage of this is the other employees will have now the chance to be promoted. And could replace them with new and fresh people. But its disadvantages are such that the efficient people will be reduced due to their retirement. Addition, the company will be needing people that would fit in to the said vacant position.

  1. Conclusion

Due to their adjustments and succession plans, WoodCorp has been affected or encountered some organizational problems. With these, WoodCorp conducted a study on how they will handle the situation. With these identification of problems and some solutions, solving their issues will now be much easier.



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