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Women’s Rights and Human Trafficking

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Essay Preview: Women’s Rights and Human Trafficking

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Women’s Rights and Human Trafficking

Trafficking in Women

Trafficking in persons is an increasing problem that involves both sexual exploitation and labor exploitation of its victims. Trafficking affects all regions and the majority of countries in the world. Both men and women may be victims of trafficking, but the primary victims worldwide are women and girls, the majority of whom are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Traffickers prey on women's vulnerable circumstances and may lure them into crime networks through deceit and false promises of decent working conditions and fair pay. Women may go abroad knowing that they will work in the sex industry, but without awareness of the terrible work conditions and violence that accompany the trafficking business. Other women answer job advertisements for positions abroad such as dancers, waitresses, and nannies, only to find themselves held against their will and forced into prostitution and sexual slavery.

In the destination countries, women are subjected to physical violence, sexual assault and rape, battery, imprisonment, threats and other forms of coercion.

What can we do?

Start a Club or Community Group, it’s hard to remain quiet knowing that human trafficking is going on, so speak up—each voice that spreads the word about the problem is important. Share the story with your friends, colleagues, and fellow concerned citizens, and work together as a group to promote awareness and take action. You can also Hold an Event to Raise Awareness, brings bands and speakers together to promote awareness and raise money for an international anti-trafficking organization. You can also group hosts an annual coffee house to talk to other students about trafficking.



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