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Women and Mental Illness

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Essay Preview: Women and Mental Illness

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Women and mental illness

This article is written by Dr. Joel young and he has described the probable reasons, why mental issues are more common in women. Mental health issues are increasing alarmingly, and research shows women are twice more likely to develop depression, PTSD than males.

Its commonly believed that women suffer more from mental health issues due to their hormonal changes or emotional instability but this article have explained that exact reason is still unknown to psychiatrists and there are some probable possibilities described in this articles.

Women are emotional that's true but that doesn't mean one can label them as depressed or hysterical every time she gets emotional. I believe all humans are different not only by faces but by nature too. Even two identical twins don't have similar nature. It all depends on situations of life and genetic characters.There is always a different reaction from different individuals in particular situation. Many mental disorders are genetic in nature like depression, schizophrenia.

Hormonal Issues are commonly discussed and related with women mental health.Serotonin hormone levels are less in women than in males, this hormone is connected with depression and anxiety.

The hormone is the crucial thing in a female which plays a great role in mental health. There are always changes in hormones at every stage of life in the female.

I was suffering from PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is very common these days. It was a complete hormonal imbalance. It was diagnosed after the symptom of an irregular menstrual cycle. It has lots of physical complications but surprisingly it affects our mental health too. I started getting abnormally anxious with every small incident. There were abnormal palpitations and I was getting pessimistic day by day which was going towards depression and within few months even my family could note that something is not good with me and I decided to visit my physician to my surprise he told me it is the part of my PCOS and I have to learn to deal with it as they are all hormonal changes. I then decided to start with something which will help me to get rid of not only my physical symptoms but my mental symptoms too. I decided to go for homoeopathy which has the basic principle of treating a person as whole, that means ur mind and body. Within few weeks I found noticeable changes in my thoughts. It helped me getting more of optimistic day by day and my anxiety reduced to a greater extent and my hormonal levels were getting normal and so was my menstrual cycle. So I can highly relate hormones has a big role in mental health.

Stress affects mental health which in turn affects the physical



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