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Wolf Encounter

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Wolf Encounter

It was a bitter gloomy morning and my body had started throbbing. The crows were over the tree tops, signaling that the morning had come. The bucket I was sitting on was damp from the rain storm the night before. I saw the world around me in a new way. I sat and started to watch over all the creatures below me. The tree across my stand was mature and withering away. It had been beaten over and over by all the creatures that passed by.

Listening to the creatures of the forest was such an astonishing experience. I could hear deer walking, leaves rustling, and the cold breeze. I heard rustling in the far distance. I was eager to hear my most desired animal, a Gray Wolf. I, in addition, wanted to be able to see one and maybe get a good picture, but to my surprise, I heard something I never thought I would hear. This noise was soft at first, but grew louder with each passing second. It was screeching, but at the same time sounded soothing. It matched that of a chipmunk, but to loud to be one. At this time, the other noises vanished to me and I was in a deep daze. It reminded of me being hypnotized and not able to move from the position I was in. This sound was extremely distinctive, but I just couldn’t be convinced of what type of creature it was.

With a quick jerk, I looked down towards the tree in front of me. A huge sigh of disappointment filled my voice. It wasn’t what I was hoping for and was nothing near what the Gray Wolves look like. The creature was a small squirrel and even though it wasn’t the wolf, it was still interesting. I observed it as it ran around in circles, like a cheetah on cocaine. Since it moved with such rapidity, I could not focus on it enough to get a high-quality photograph. The squirrel seems to look similar to a gray smudge and only stopped for a few moments. When it did stop, I could see the fluffy tail. The tail was larger than the rest of the body and was a grayish white shade. As soon as I was in progress to actually get caught up into this creature, it was gone in a flash.

Another sigh of disappointment releases from my throat and I was sitting alone. The sounds of the crackling trees were the only things to keep me company. The harsh wind ripped throughout my skin. The wind felt similar to being slapped with a cold piece of ice. My toes started to feel frozen and fragile. I took the iced up string to my hood and pulled it tighter. I tried to imagine myself in a place of warmth. Even though I was tremendously uncomfortable, I was determined to find what I desired. My eyes lit up like two giant light bulbs. Out in the distance, outlying the tree in front of me was a grayish-tinted moving creature. As it moved nearer and faster, my heart started pounding more rapidly. The numbness in my body melted away and I was standing on my toes. It had made it to the tree in front of me. My excitement overwhelmed me and I did not move at all. That living thing was the entire reason I came out in this tremendously freezing weather.

It was my desire, the Gray Wolf. This entire moment felt as if time had suddenly stopped. Its fur is coloration, but is mainly just black and white. The gray, white, red, brown, and black colors mix together in an astounding way. The top of its back is mainly



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