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McCarthy Hearings V.S. Salem Witch Trials

In the year 1954 Senator Joe McCarthy accused 205 state agents of communism. After he accused the 205 state agents he then continued accusing people of being communists. Many people disagreed with McCarthy but few would oppose. If you opposed and if you were accused of being a communist you were believed to be a communist. This can be closely related to the Salem Witch Trials, which was when people in the town of Salem were being accused of practicing witch craft. It was closely related because if you were to deny being a witch you would be hung. But if you confessed you would still be hung, it was only if you gave someone else's name that you might live.

The people that were being accused would sometimes point at someone and accuse them of being a witch or communist, it didn't matter if they were not being tried they would still be convicted. During the McCarthy trials people lost there jobs because they were being accused of communism. McCarthy would accuse people with out evidence and people were still being convicted. People that were accused were mostly actors and writers which were then black listed; this meant it was hard for them to find jobs, even after the trials. This differed from the witch trials because the people who were accused of witch craft were killed. But both the McCarthy hearings and the Salem witch trials were the same because people were being accused with out a fair trial and people that were convicted were suffered either because they were killed or they couldn't make a living because they couldn't get a job.

McCarthy accused the 205 people of being communists because he wasn't a very well known senator and he wanted people to recognize him. None of the 205 people were ever convicted.



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