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Wishes Painting

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Wishes by Samina Iqbal


Here in this painting of wishes the painter Samina Iqbal tries to show the co relation between human being wishes and the fishes. In the painting there are shown many kind of fishes .all fishes are drawn beautifully and all are relatively of same colour .the medium used to paint this unique and beautiful painting is acrylic on canvas and size of the painting is 21x 47 inches. The colours used for fishes are orange, red, brown and maroons .The painter Samina Iqbal has used bright colours for the fishes to enhance the painting and these colours are attention grabbing colours so that the painting looks eye catching. The background colour of the painting is grayish blue to give a watery effect.

The fishes shown are to tell us that the human being wishes are also like a fish. a fish can't live without water similarly a human also can't live his life happily without having any wish .a human from a time when he is born till the time he dies he only lives and work hard to acquire his wishes, but it is not necessary that his all wishes come true. The person who has no wish is a person whose life is very dull and is not happy and is just passing the time in his life and his life is same like a fish which if we only take out from the water for a second will be in pain and agony. Fish can only live peacefully in water and same how a person with a wish .the focal point in the painting is the area in the middle where it seems there is a light reflecting, its looks like fishes are moving around in the ocean. On the extreme right it seems like fishes are in the deep ocean and they are merging from the shallow part to the lower deep inside the ocean, some are going upward and some are going downwards. The painting grabs our attention only at the first look because of the fishes in bright and vibrant colours with a dull background and also because of the placement of fishes.

The fishes on the extreme left are painted in a way that they are very much visible and clear iv we compare them to the fishes on the right and it is because it looks like the fishes on the right are smudged in the water or they are merge with the water to show that these fishes are in the deeper area of the ocean. The painter Samina has used her skills very tactfully and cleverly. She has kept in mind the proportion, its balanced and it is because all the fishes on the left are placed of same quantity like the fishes on the right. according to my perception when I saw this painting it looks like to me that somehow fishes are placed in a manner to show how that they are being trapped in a net .the pattern of the fishes looks alike they are in a net. The colour of the fishes is mostly red and orange and red is a colour of danger and blood so I think the way they are placed is to show that they are in trouble, someone is attacking at them, like a net is thrown on them and they are scared and rushing in different directions.

The human



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