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Winter Dreams

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald's, "Winter Dreams" Fitzgerald creates a character, Dexter Green, a fourteen year old boy who is confident in his "winter dreams" of extraordinary success, wealth and social status in his "golden future". Over the course of the story Dexter paved his way to an ambitious future of economic wealth.

At fourteen Dexter was described as the best caddie worker in the club, making thirty dollars a month, which for the summer was not able to be me made anywhere else on the lake. Dexter was also a smart boy, who knew how to barter, asking Mr. Jones for a raise making it "worth his while" since he was the best caddie. This shows that Dexter is not the type that will just settle. He is a very determined ambitious character.

After college Dexter becomes successful in the business world, opening a chain of laundries. He moves his way up the economic ladder with all of his laundries being flourishing. This shows that he is a hard working ambitious character because he is slowly becoming successful in the business world.

When Judy terminated the engagement, Dexter went out east with the intention of selling out his laundries--but when the war came to America he handed over the business for his partner to run, so he could fight in the war. This shows that Dexter was ambitious because he went off to fight for his country and he left everything he had behind, risking everything that he had.

In the end of the story, Dexter learns from a business man that Judy had gotten married to an alcoholic husband. He says, he can not care anymore, nor will he ever. Ultimately, Dexter realizes that his desire for ambition in the business world will overpower his desire for love with Judy, or any woman for that matter.

Fitzgerald created a very ambitious character like Dexter Green to show all the obstacles a boy faces, growing up striving to achieve his goals with the distraction



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