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Windows Vs Linux

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Today I'm going to tackle one of the hottest topics in the industry, comparing Microsoft's latest offerings to the offerings being released by the major Linux players for both network servers and desktop solutions. I am going to steer clear of "total cost of ownership" arguments, because Microsoft has already funded extensive research that has proven Windows is cheaper to own and operate than Linux. I'm going to be looking at the issue from a pure usability perspective. Which platform saves me the most time? Which platform has the features I need? Which platform has the best third party applications and utilities?

Ð'* Windows versus Linux on the Server

Most of my friends and family use Windows 2000, but to power my business network I need the robust features and rock-solid stability of Windows Advanced Server 2003. Windows Advanced Server lets me establish and administer global networks consisting of thousands of clients across hundreds of domains, all with a single wizard. And since all of my buddies at work use Windows Media Player 9 to rip, mix and burn CDs that we can't share with each other or play in the car, we are extremely excited about the Windows Media Player 10 beta that comes integrated with Advanced Server 2003. Now we can rip, mix and burn right on the server! Try getting a streaming video, DVD, CD, mp3, wma, and active content player all tightly integrated into a Linux server. Not likely!

Advantage: Windows

Ð'* Windows versus Linux on the Home PC

For home or general office use, I recommend current Windows 2000 users upgrade the systems in their dens and kitchens to Windows XP - Home Edition. The Windows XP desktop is far more advanced than the laughable "home Linux solutions" from vendors like Mandrake and Lycoris, despite what some open source fascists will tell you. Windows XP features the dependable DRM features home users demand (keeps you from getting sued!), while product activation and restrictive EULAs limit what people can do with their PCs to the point that someone like cousin Joe or Grandma won't want one, saving guys like you and me from having to deal with annoying family tech support calls - the kind that we don't even get paid for!

I'm running XP on the monster rig I use at home--a brand new Compaq mid-tower--and the OS blazes like a Corvette. I especially like the four games it comes with - Hearts, FreeCell (so addictive!), Minesweeper, and Solitaire. It's easy to see why XP is considered the ultimate platform for gamers.

One thing many home computer users are concerned with these days is viruses and all the time they consume. Linux zealots will try to say that their platform isn't plagued by things like email viruses, but with Windows XP I don't got to worry about emailing viruses to my friends and family at all. The built-in email client Outlook Express does it automatically, in the background.

Advantage: Windows

Ð'* Windows versus Linux - Applications and Utilities

I save a lot of time thanks to Windows XP, which brings me to another area where Linux is lacking. As I am sitting here writing this column, my computer is busily defragging my hard drive, running my virus scanner, and I'm being shown a list of all the latest MS security patches that are being remotely installed on my machine today. Why doesn't Linux come with any defragmenting tools or virus scanners or Active Backdoor Update like you get with Windows? These are all must-have features for me. Linux is seriously lacking in Internet utilities as well. No way would I run a Linux operating system if it means I can't connect to America Online. Also, where is Microsoft Office for Linux, Windows Media Player for Linux and Outlook Express for Linux? Nowhere to be found. If I can't type a letter, make a spreadsheet, or email anyone with Linux, why on earth would I ever put it on my desktop?

Advantage: Windows

Ð'* Windows versus Linux - Preference Tracking and Calling Home

Linux is popular with the freeloading crowd that feels justified stealing all their



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