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Will Hackers Win the Battle?

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Essay Preview: Will Hackers Win the Battle?

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Will Hackers Win The Battle?

Journal Article Critique

Accounting 6302

March 6, 2016

Ashley Herrera

The main reason this article has caught my attention is that the issue of hackers that are affiliated with business and people's personal life are rising in this country. Before technology people would just have to worry about people breaking in their houses and stealing their belongings now strangers don't have to leave the comfort of their computer to steal hundreds of dollars from you. I even have to worry about my son's identity because it is very common for hackers to steal children's social security numbers to use as personal use. So finding this article caught my interest about procedures I can take to secure my identity.

In July 2013, five men are being charged of the theft of at least 160 million credit card numbers, which they sold to a network for about $10 each. The databases that were attacked were of JCPenny, JetBlue Airways, and French retailer Carrefour resulting in losses about $300 million. Usually with a breach problem it is the result from outside the company and it dealing with security software. There are two types of theft and they are internal breaches and external breaches. Internal breach is that the breach came within the company such as theft data from a former employee and external breach is the theft of data of an nonemployee. With numbers data breaches being high there is a possibility that the number might actually be higher because some organizations do not report of a breach for the reason of having a negative image for their clients. If they do report of a breach it is because of a state law requiring them to report it. Hackers don't categorize the people they breach it must be known that if they are able to gain access they won't hesitate to breach the system. They hack business finance, business, education, government, and healthcare and nonprofit. Out of these five sectors it is no surprise that the highest sector that is breach is business finance such as investments, and banks. There are four steps that a hacker that will take and those are reconnaissance and enumeration, intrusion and advance attacks, malware inserts, and clean up so that no traces are there of the hackers appearance. Usually it can be detected by workers of a breach that might be in the happening and if they report it early to their superiors they might be able to prevent it. Not only to report strange occurrences happening there are eight tips in order to stay secure 1) review your server provider's data protections policies to ensure that they're adequate, 2) decide who should have access to company servers, and put it in writing, 3) have a well-thought out internet data security policy, 4) update all software, and use an industry standard network data security firewall, 5) use network backup strategies, 6) encrypt all personal information, 7) change passwords periodically 8) consider keeping



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