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Why Women Can'T Drive

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Essay Preview: Why Women Can'T Drive

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A woman with a car is like a murderer with access to a gun store. It is very dangerous. Men are much more equipped for the road then women. The bottom line is: Men can drive, women cannot. To further prove this already known fact this essay will illustrate the differences between men and women in the following areas; taking the drivers test, accidents, knowing the car and the parts, and using the car parts appropriately.

Everyone remembers taking the driver's test for the very first time. Some even remember the second or third time. Others can also recall the fourth and the fifth time. These people are called women. Women also require more teaching time, 14 hours more in comparison with a male. Only 40 percent of women pass the test at first compared to the 46 percent of men who pass. Additionally, women need to take the test an average of 2.12 times versus 1.87 for men. The numbers do not lie, women simply are not meant to be on the road.

Nobody is perfect. Even men get into car accidents. Women on the other hand, get into car crashes. Of course they claim that these crashes are not their fault. It was the man who kept on driving into her as she went through the red light. There is no such thing as fault or responsibility to a woman driver. After the woman has accused the innocent man of causing this accident, she breaks down. Her lower lip slowly starts to quiver as she realizes what her husband will say. She now realizes that all her luxuries will be gone once the husband finds out about this. So what is a woman to do in a situation such as this? The answer is quite simple actually. She will go to an auto-body shop two towns over to ensure her husband does not see the car in town, she will not inform the insurance company, and she will charge it to her husband's credit card. This also explains insurance rates for men and women drivers. Men have higher insurance rates and women have used this data to claim that they are in fact better drivers. However, this is far from the truth as women do not report accidents to the insurance company. As a whole they are not as responsible as men, hence they are worse drivers.

Men can spend five minutes in a car, and know how to use everything from the panic lights to the back windshield wipers. But women can own a car for years, and still not know the difference between cruise control and all wheel drive. There are certain parts of the car that women just do not use or are even aware of their existence. First is the directional, it is very simple yet women do not use it. Men could use hand signals if they wanted to but they don't because they use the very convenient directional. Women think that the other cars should just know where they are going, that they should not have to tell them. Men also know how important anti-lock brakes (ABS) are in bad weather where as women think ABS have something to do with the car's midsection. Overall, women are just ignorant in the realm of cars.

To be a skilled driver you must be a responsible person. If you can take a turn at 50 miles an hour you might be able to drive a car but you are not a good driver. Men as a whole know when to speed, and when



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