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Why We Crave Horror Movies

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Essay Preview: Why We Crave Horror Movies

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In my opinion, I love horror movies. I think they are a great way to bond with others because of fear. Fear is a popular and a common theme in books and movies. But in reality, fear barely touches many of people’s lives. Horror movies temporarily create an emotional experience without devastating consequences. If a man with an ax is not really chasing you, then it is fine to watch him chase a character in a movie. Some reasons to crave horror movies are to experience the sensation, people like to use a good scare, and horror is the best film genre.

People watch horror movies to experience the sensation. Reading and watching horror movies gives an adrenaline rush like few other genres. People love screaming when the door slams and the monster jumps out. The feeling of dread is great as the suspense builds up slowly and surely. The first really scary movie that I ever saw was The Shining. I watched it with a friend at my house while we were both squeezed into the same chair. We screamed and yelled instructions at Danny and Wendy and generally had a blast. I loved that it took a good long time to build the tension and the twins completely freaked me out. Currently, the movie that scares me the most is The Grudge. The white haired lady making that noise freaks me out. She’s seen so rarely and you just know that you’re dealing with a monster that has nothing in common with a human anymore. The scene where she’s crawling underneath the sister’s bedspread gives me chills down my spine. If something attacks you, you think of the bed as being your last line of defense.

People like to be scared. Some like to be kept on the edge of their seat in to what might happen next. If it’s a movie that someone has seen before, if it’s a good one they will still end up excited and ready to scream at whatever’s around the next corner. It causes them to think: “What would I do if I was in that exact same situation?” no matter how unrealistic the situation is. If the movie is good enough, you can pretty easily see yourself as the only one who has to escape the evil killer that would rip you to pieces. For some reason, not feeling scared or feeling dread for a period of time can get boring, which is why people turn to these kinds of movies.

Horror movies are easily the best genre to watch. Those who enjoy horror are generally obsessed over the genre. Horror movies are the best date movies. Couples looking to have a great time together



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