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Why Was Sin Permitted?

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Why was Sin Permitted?

And so the story begins, God and his son Jesus both enjoyed and shared the same purpose. The son was over the angels and governed heaven by observing a moral code.

This code included such things as honor, mercy and truth. God created a magnificent heaven full of beauty. Those who dwelled here were only asked to love their creator and what he stands for. But God knew if he did not allow his host to have to the choice to follow him that the meaning of their worship would not be the same. This freedom to choose we know as “free will.” The universe clicked as everything ran smooth and there was a feeling of the purest joy! A change was about to come. Perhaps the saying “all good things must come to an end” is fitting!

An angel, a creation of God, was about to change everything. Lucifer was considered to be a perfect angel until one day wickedness entered his being. Lucifer’s self adulation became greater than his desire to worship his creator. He was driven by envy to have the adoration of others.

Lucifer began to artfully gain followers for his own benefit. God announced that all must plead allegiance to Christ and honor him. Lucifer pretended to be loyal but was not able to put away his own selfish desires. Like the skilled politician’s of today, he made a promise of how he would govern the heavens differently. He claimed he would benefit all not just himself. This is how he sold his wares to the other inhabitants. But was this the truth?

The angels who did not follow Lucifer’s path tried to regain the loyalty of those who did. As this went on God watched patiently. He had hoped to recover those who were lost. Instead Lucifer used his benevolence against God to reinforce his own plea.

Lucifer had now become “the adversary of God.” Even with the threat of recourse Lucifer and his followers moved onward in an attempt to reap control. Again we see the use of today’s political tactics. Lucifer twisted and skillfully used Gods words and actions against him; he made false promises to improve life for all equally. God was between a rock and a hard place. If he wiped out Lucifer he would appear evil and unforgiving and if he did nothing he would be considered weak. Either outcome might have an affect on the free will of those who worshiped him.

Lucifer had wreaked havoc in the heavens and next would bring his evilness to earth. God created earth as a place of extreme beauty. After fitting the earth with plants and animals God created man who was to run earth. Man was fashioned after Gods likeness. Adam was created first and a companion



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