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Why Say No To Drugs And Alcohol

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Many people have been brought up not to do drugs, and there are many reasons why. If you would ever go up to one of those kind of persons and asked them why they don't smoke or drink, most likely they would answer " Because I don't do that" or, "Because they mess you up big time" but the one that always seams to be brought up is "Because they kill you!" As this is true, those are not the only reasons why. There are always the diseases. You may think that there is not much affect to drinking besides the fact that you can get drunk, except there is. There is always liver cancer, or the alcohol can just affect your liver, not causing cancer but still damaging it. And about drugs... I actually never thought there were real diseases. All I knew about them was that they surely will kill you and that even though you try just once it can affect your brain a lot. People say that they just want to try one time, but that one time will either be a killer or they will most likely not stop doing them. Then I discovered that for those people there is a kind of punishment. It's called GHB it's a disease that you get when you smoke but not enough to kill you, once you do its possible to get this disease or many others like LSD too.

Kids my age are not likely to be doing drugs or alcohol at this time of age. The ones who are doing this kind of stuff must not know what they are getting themselves into. Even though we all see the news about people getting arrested for doing drugs, selling them, or car crashes caused by drinking and driving. Those kinds of people ignore this information and don't take it as a lesson. As the statements above have increased major lie by the years they have also been increasing because of the teenagers around the age of 15-18. And yet parents ask them selves why do their kids do these kinds of things. Of course they know why, pressure, family problems, school problems, all kinds of problems.



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