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Why Mathematics?

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Why Mathematics?

Alex Dean

The world is filled with a combination of sciences and arts. Neither one is more important than the other; in fact, both are interconnected with each other. Therefore, one must not limit oneself to study only one of the two. A deep understanding and appreciation of both science and art is very important in today's world.

I myself enjoy both the arts and the sciences. I have sung in a choir since first grade, and have no intention of stopping. This year, I am taking a music theory and composition class. I am also currently involved with the show choir. However, I am also very interested in the sciences. I am currently taking honors Pre-Calculus and Physics, and enjoy both classes.

Not only do I actively study both the sciences and the arts in school, but I spend time studying them on my own. I own and have read books on quantum physics, genetics, social engineering, music, cryptography, and the golden ratio. As much as I enjoy music and the arts, I spend more time out of school pursuing the sciences, especially mathematics.

I believe that mathematics is the language of the universe. Carl Friedrich Gauss once referred to mathematics as "the Queen of the Sciences." Without mathematics, all the other sciences would not be able to function. If one does not understand mathematics, then the other sciences would be very difficult (if not impossible) for them to understand as well. And if one does not understand science, then it becomes much more difficult to appreciate the world that we live in.

Other extracurricular activities simply cannot offer that kind of intellectual stimulation. Sports are all about building physical strength and competing with other schools. Academic teams may learn a vast amount of material, but most of it is trivial and is only used for competition against other schools.



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