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Why Do We Need The Rainforest?

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We need it because trees and plants take carbon dioxide and because some medicine products we need are made from the things in the rainforest. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is naturally found in the air and also comes from burning trees, vehicles running on gasoline, and from exhaling.

The rainforest gets at least 320 inches of rainfall each year. The loss of the rainforest can cause some species to go extinct and if we let that happen most people won’t know that they existed.

Most animals eat plants and some are edible to us like spearmint, peppermint, mint plant and others. I think we should help and stop cutting down too many trees and start planting more trees and plants. Or there will be too much carbon dioxide in the air. This is a bad thing because it causes the earth’s temperature to rise therefore ice covered areas of earth can melt, and sea levels could rise. Summers become longer, hotter, and rainfall more rare. If we as people could just stop rainforests from deforestation that will help future generations live healthier lives.

Dasha, Camelia, Antony, Mike, Charles, Jason, and Sara are rainforest savers. They help save the rainforest and more.

The plants in our tropical rain forests all over the world absorb CO2 as part of their food making process which is called photosynthesis. The plants use co2, sunlight, nutrients, and water to make glucose which is what they use for energy.



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