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Why Did Reconstruction Fail?

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Why did Reconstruction fail?

All nations, wealthy or poor usually have a horrific and disturbing history. Reconstruction was a time in American history where it tried to recuperate itself from the Civil War and take steps to becoming the great nation that it is today. Civil War and take steps to becoming the great nation that it is today.

Firstly, the reconstruction had begun in 1965 right after it had finished fighting the Civil War. It was a time where America tried becoming a full running country once again, however it was much easier said than done. The south was almost non-existent both economically and politically, and desperately trying to piece itself back. A large population of slaves after being freed by the 13th amendment had no idea on how to make a living on their own. Their future had become a great problem for them and politicians. Even though the country was messy after the war and political leaders had started to begin on plans of Reconstruction. Lincoln came up with the “Lincoln Plan” saying that after certain criteria's were met the confederate state could return to the union. To unite the state needs to have about ten percent of the voters to accept the Emancipation Proclamation.

Unfortunately, Lincoln was killed before his plan could be put to the test. Many leaders after his death started their own plans. The Radical Republicans came up with two major goals. They wanted to help the free slaves and wanted the South to pay for the Civil War. Charles Sumner, Thaddeus Stevens, and president Andrew Johnson were the main Radical Republican leaders. Stevens main problem was the economic opportunity for slaves. He wanted the slaves to be able to make their own living without needing a white man. Sumner focused on the problem of political rights for African Americans and believed that they should be considered citizens. He believed that the all men are created equal part of the constitution should also apply to everyone. Lastly, President Andrew Johnson had a similar plan as Lincoln. Many did not like Johnson’s plan, and later he was impeached without being removed from the office.



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