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Why Did God Create Sex?

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Why did God create sex?

God doesn't make mistakes, and He knew exactly what He was doing when He didn't make the act of sex simpler.

Why did God create sex? Most people will answer: "For procreation! To make new human beings!" Right... thank you! But there's gotta be more to it than that!

For example, answer this: Why did God have to make sex so embarrassing? So humbling? So sexy? And why did He, being so religious Himself, make it such an 'unreligious' thing, that most religions are somehow against it, and some have even banned it altogether?

Why did you have to make it so sexy, God? God could easily have made sex to function by some other much less controversial process, just as He did for amoeba!

Amoeba just divide. That way sex would've been much less sensational, less unorthodox, less shameful, less sensual, but of course also less pleasurable.

He could have made it just functional and much less controversial and taboo! - by rubbing hands together, for example, or by pouring fertilising fluid over eggs as HE made most fish do, without any of the 'sexually explicit' mating and those 'coupling mechanics!' Couldn't He

Of course He could have! If He is God at all, He could have created it as simple as kissing someone's little finger! Much less embarrassing! That's for sure! Then we wouldn't have had all these moral complications and implications, and have to deal with all these resulting tricky situations and seductive temptations, and hide out and 'do it' in secret, in sleazy love motels!

Well, the answer is plain and simple, that God doesn't make mistakes, and He knew exactly what He was doing when He didn't create it simpler, and created sex, as is! And so you can safely assume that He had some ulterior motives or designs, His own secret agenda, when He created sex the way He did! And the question becomes: 'What were His motives?'

To discover God's motives, we need to analyse the sex phenomenon closer. We all know that sex doesn't come that easy, no matter how liberal we claim to be. There are some hitches that make sex quite an obstacle course, quite a challenge, even moral taboos aside. In order to even meet someone, we first need to admit that we have a need which is hard for some of us. We need to admit that we need, like or even love somebody to even arrive at the glorious pleasures and other rewards of sex.

But naturally



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