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Why Achievement Matters To Me

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To achieve is of great importance to me and is the driving force on my course to future success. If I am to become anything that utilizes my total capabilities then it is up to me to excel in any endeavor into which I choose to put my time and energy. Achievement gives me a feeling of euphoria and revitalizes me so that I am able to take on any obstacle that may hinder my progression to my ultimate potential. Achievement does not only produce high-quality persons but is also needed to maintain a constructive self-image. These types of individuals can be easily distinguished from the ordinary and be vital influences on the lives of many that come into contact with them. A remarkable person that has appealed to me because of her many accomplishments and encouraging persona is my counselor, Mrs. Doris Carter. As I enter her office, I see the many faces of the people she has made an impact on and how triumphant they are. This empowers me to pursue my ambitions and attain them in order to assist those around me to prevail in their quests in life. Many may not think of achievement as an essential component in a well-rounded character but if one does not achieve anything what type of future does one have to look forward to? I do not want to be one of those pessimistic individuals that ventures aimlessly into a world where I have no purpose and no impact upon anyone. I have realized the significance of achievement and will not jeopardize a moment of my life on being morose and futile. We are put on this earth for a purpose and we must achieve in order to fulfill our purpose. Without doing such, the lives we lead are not worth living. In saying so, I will endure all obstacles that may prevent me from realizing my true potential and be the success I am destined to be. After all is said and done, I will ACHIEVE.



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