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Why 95% Of Top Jobs In Britain Are Held By Men.

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Essay Preview: Why 95% Of Top Jobs In Britain Are Held By Men.

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Question: Using the principles of “social learning theory” explain why 95% of top jobs in Britain are held by men.

Social learning theory attempt to explain, how people think and which factors determine their behaviour. Social Learning Theory is a category of learning theories which belief that human behaviour is determined by a three way relationship.

1. Cognitive factors such as knowledge, expectation, attitudes.

2. Environmental influences such as social norm, influence other.

3. Behaviour, skills, Practice, self efficacy.

The real question is not why 95% of the top managers are held by men but why girls have not the profile of a top manager. In a developed society such as Britain, the problem is probably not that the men are unfair or that the men don’t want women in high position. After reading the entire book and the website I found on this subject, I realize that the problem is somewhere else. The real question in this case is why most of the girls are not interested by job with high responsibility. In the developed country, the girls have “almost” equality of sex. There can be still some exceptions. However the history as showed that girls have access to the higher job.

To reinforce my theory I will give you an example “Micheline Calmy-Rey” who is the president the confederation of Switzerland, she has probably the highest job of Switzerland and she his girl. Second example: Margaret Thatcher who was the prime minister of Britain during 11 years. It’s prove girls have definitely access of high job but why only so few? Probably all the feminist would accuse the men gender as usual, but why it will be menвЂ?s false? Is there nothing else which would explain this phenomenon?

In the early 1960s, Albert Bandura began contributing to the development of theory by showing that children naturally imitate the behavior of other children or parents or what they see in their environments without needing or receiving a direct reward for their new behaviour.

The problem in our case is that without bad intention we apply the behaviour that we see in our environment. Because people think or learn that boys and girls are supposed to be different, they treat them differently and give them different opportunities for development. This differential treatment promotes certain behaviours and self-images that recreate the preconceived cultural stereotypes about gender. The process repeats itself over and over in a spiral across the generations, so that although gender stereotypes are being constantly re-created and modified, they seem natural and impervious



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