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White Supremacy

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The sixties and seventies were a very upsetting time in this nation's history. We were a nation at war both abroad and with our own people that we interacted with everyday. Bigoted people flooded the streets throughout the country, determined to succeed at their task of getting rid of the evils that the African Americans, Jews, homosexuals, and handicapped created in the United States . These acts are still going on today. There are thousands of instances of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse each year. These incidents have continually been happening throughout the years and have not showed any signs of slowing down. These are how groups that declare white supremacy are formed. The white race thinks that they are superior to any other race.

While reading the book Black Like Me, by John Howard Griffin, I realized how much the whites despise the African American community. A man named Howard Griffin wanted to see how differently he would be treated by other people if his skin color went from white to black. By using pills and creams to make his skin literally change to the color of black, he went to the south and interacted with the black community and learn the where he could eat, sleep, and go to the rest room.

He found that it was extremely difficult to find a job and even to walk down the street without getting yelled at, stared at, or even to interact with other people in the towns that he went to. This was during the sixties when racism was very prevalent and well known and if a white man was even seen talking to or even being nice to a black man he would be shunned by the white community. White pride and white power has presented many different problems in today's society.

One common misinterpretation today is that with the death of the Ku Klux Klan, the organized hate groups also disappeared. This is a feeling that will always be a thought and not something that is going to ever happen. "Differences are the gas in hate's car or the bullets in hate's gun, without them every-one would get along" (Church). Just as the KKK was prevalent during the turmoil of the Civil Rights movement, so was the White Aryan Militias during the Vietnam war. England's influenced the United States by a rise in hateful demonstrations beginning in the sixties during the Ð''free love' movement. As America started to face ideological divisions, like Great Britain had, Adolf Hitler's teachings of extreme hatred and prejudice spread through cities and towns and finally rested in peoples' minds (Church). Hitler preached hatred of mainly blacks and Jews but this also included homosexuals and other minorities.

White power and white pride does not just limit to thinking that the white race is more superior then African Americans, it is also associated with other races and is contributed to homosexuals, Jewish people, and the handicap. When different restroom, eating, sleeping, drinking, and sitting facilities were being made for African American community and the white community. White people were considered the superior race and were feared basically by any other race. In the book Black Like Me, Griffen experienced this first hand and was really surprised how two-faced everyone was. When he was a white man he could basically do anything that he wanted to without worrying about getting in trouble or being mocked. As soon as he stepped out in to the world with black skin he was treated completely different and had to basically slip by everyone unnoticed so that he would not be bothered.

"Now you go into oblivion." This statement made by the doctor who helped Griffen transform himself from white to black. This was so true. Oblivian basically means being invisible and if someone is black, Asian, Jewish, handicapped, or not considered "normal" for today's society, someone who is white thinks that they have the power to say anything and do anything to someone who is different and not perfect like themselves. The white society is more then half of America's population so all of these other people are a large group of minorities who

The feelings that white is better then anything else will probably not go away. People have their own feelings and thoughts about the minorities in the United States and even though we have evolved and grown closer with the races throughout the years. We have integrated together, but there is still some differences that need to be solved and the hate crimes have not all continually stopped. White supremacy rules the United States and the people in it. White supremacy is not just hurting peoples' feelings, but there white supremacy extremists that go to such lengths to hurting or even killing them.

The ultimate example of hate crimes in the United States took place during the summer of 1999. On August 10th Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr. calmly approached a Filipino-American Mailman and asked him to mail a letter before shooting him dead on the spot. He proceeded to do this just after he open fired on a group of kindergartners walking with their teacher in a Jewish community center. When he was interviewed, he was asked why he did this. Furrow replied that he wanted it to be "a wake-up call to America to kill Jews" (Anti-Defamation- Summer).

I thought that presenting some questions would help me figure out why there is such thing as white supremacy, hate crimes, and racism towards different minority groups. At what point in time does one human being assert superiority



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