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What to Do After High School?

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What To Do After High School?...

        The one question that has been in my mind since the start of high school is “What am I going to be doing after high school?”. After pondering over this question for four years now I have set my goals and put my mind to it. In my search for ways to achieve my future and my goals, I have found that I am in the middle of reaching my goals. By this, I mean that one, I set my mind on two careers that insert me, two I studied them into each detail, and final three, I have the potential to do these careers even when something comes in my way. The things that I still need to reach my goals before my final year in high school is to finish off with high grades to get into a good college, keep my focus on what my future, and to make sure nothing stops me from achieving them.

        The two careers that I am reaching for that interest me the most is Orthodontist (dental) and Digital Photography. The thing that influenced my interest in dental work right away are the finances will be a lot better than photography, seeing how you get patients on almost every day. I think that my choice may change over time when I start to get bored of doing the same thing over each day, but of course this will always be my first future job. I can most likely see this as my future every day job because it will help stabilize me in my life. Seeing how I will be working in the United States and in Florida, I found their salaries, which will make me work harder every day. The current salary for an Orthodontist in the United States is $42.23 - $90 (hourly) and $87,830 - $187,200+ (yearly). The salary in the state of Florida is $26.15 - $90+ (hourly) and $54,400 - $187,200+ (yearly). To get a job in this career I will have to go to college and get an internship to work on hands on the job. I would of course be paying all of this myself, but I am sure my mom would help me out.

        My other career in my interest is Digital Photography. The thing about photography that influenced me is that there are so many different ways to express what you see through a lens, rather than in dental you do the same thing. I think that my choice about dental being my first choice will not change, but if I do get bored and what a second job photography will definitely be it. I do not see this as really being a job, but more of a side hobby for the weekends or if I have an off day from my real job. The salary in the United States and in Florida is a huge difference in the amount, but it also depends on how much the person is paying for you there and what you are taking pictures of for that day. The salary in the United States is $9.06 - $34.71 (hourly) and $18,850 - $72,200 (yearly). For the salary in Florida is $8.69 - $28.52 (hourly) and $18,070 - $59,320 (yearly). The training that I would need for this job is basically being put into the actual job itself and I would also have to go to college to understand more then what I do now. Again I would pay for it all of it, but if I needed help my mom would be there.



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