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What Part of You Makes You, You?

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Essay Preview: What Part of You Makes You, You?

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Prompt: What part of you makes you, you? What challenges have you faced to make you who you are today? How can that be contributed to the college of your choice?

A big part of me comes from my southern roots. Being a part of a big, loud family caused me to be able to create strong bonds with others as well as great communication skills with having to yell my opinion and being the most petite and youngest child So being heard is a staple of my personality.

Being from a different place this also drastically changed my personality and caused me to have to do a 180 . Being the only 4th grader with a country accent caused me to get heavily bullied. BEing a young person wanting to fit in, I tried to hide it but it’s hard to cover up your roots. This caused me to work harder at what I do because my southern accent was perceived as unintelligent. Not only did I work hard to prove others wrong but I worked hard to prove to myself that I was able to surpass the level I thought I couldn’t reach which was the top test scores and best grades coming from a poor part of Mississippi. Having an accent has built most of my character. Coming from being the odd one out in a group of kids at a young age has shown me to show more compassion and sympathy towards people. Children often lack empathy which can bring people down but being able to come from a place of pain and make something beautiful out of it creating a harder outer shell for yourself can help others get through the things they need to and push them along in life as well . You must give love to yourself before you receive it which helped me grow into a very confident and extroverted person.



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