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What Others Think

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What others think

Many individuals, especially the younger generations of our population care a lot about what others think of them. They care more about what others who are their so called “friends” think more than what they or their family members think. This is a very toxic mentality that can push an individual to their breaking point.

Teenagers in middle and high school can be very rude. They put down others to feel better about themselves. This teenage stage is where bullying is the most persistent. Bullying can push individuals to their breaking point. This is all because that individual care so much about what the bully has to say. Most of the time a bully bullies because they don't have confidence in themselves, whether its because of their home life or a past childhood experience.

Peer judgement and influence is most pertinent in females. Females even though most come off as soft and caring can be the most brutal. No matter whether it is a male or female voicing their opinion the female receiving the judgement over thinks everything. I can back this up by personal experience. I grew up with two older sisters both going through their teenage years when I was young because we are all 6 years apart. I remember them coming home telling stories of how so and so was saying such mean, inappropriate comments towards another for no reason. No matter whether it is joking or serious all comments are always serious to females. Females as a gender are supposed to support each other not knock each other down

In the male gender however other people's opinions play a role just in a different way. Males for the most part care a lot about sports. If another male with more skill says another sucks at the sport they play that hits home. This can cause others from chasing their dreams and giving up on sports they love. Not everyone is born with natural talent some have to work harder than others and this generation does not understand that. If your not good at first others are going to knock you down and that is just not right. The ones who have natural talent should help another instead of knocking them down.

While Caring what others think is mostly negative there is still a few positives. Peer criticism can cause you to push yourself more and be a better person. Everyone has flaws that they can't see in themselves only very close friends and family can point out those flaws because they know who you truly are as a person. Peer criticism if they are truly your friends can only be good because these people only want the best for you. Another plus of peer criticism is that it can keep the person in check. If he/she starts to go out of line on a topic or starts to become judgy your friend should let you know, and tell you not to be like that anymore. No body is perfect everyone makes mistakes even though they might not see themselves making these mistakes.

Even as you get older and go through college and into the real world workplace judgement is still there both good and bad. You are not going to get along with everyone you cross paths with throughout your life. But especially



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