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What Is The Best Way For Drug?

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Have you heard news about problems caused by illegal drugs? What are your views on the legalization of drugs? Drug legalization or decriminalization is opposed by a vast majority of Americans and people around the world. Leaders in drug prevention, education, treatment, and law enforcement adamantly oppose it, as do many political leaders. However, pro-drug advocacy groups, who support the permissive use of illicit drugs, although small in number, are making headlines. They are influencing legislation and having a significant impact on the national policy debate in the United States and in other countries.

Recently I read an article written by Frederick B. Campbell, one of pro-drug advocacy members, who supports the decriminalization of illicit drugs. In the article Campbell believes that legalization is not necessarily a surrender, and that it might begin to control the business of drug pushing. He examines six separate reasons why we should legalize to control drugs as follows; Legalization would not mean that addictive drugs would be legally available to everyone. Legalization would not mean that pushers would be given free rein. Legalization would not have to work perfectly in order to be beneficial. Legalization would reduce drug-related problems, not increase them. Legalization would not condemn addicts to oblivion. Legalization would not condone use of addictive drugs. However, I think that there are several reasons that drug legalization must not be allowed. It could be summarized as follows; the increase of drug users, the immorality aspect, and the provoking of crime.

Legalization would decrease price and increase availability. Availability is a leading factor associated with increased drug use. Increased use of addictive substances leads to increased addiction. For example, if drugs were to be legalized, they would be cheaper than they cost now. If they were cheaper, the drug dealers would be pushed out of business. This apparently looks like a good thing, but once drugs are cheaper, more people, especially teenagers, will experiment and as a result of this become addicted. A high increase of experimentation will occur as a result of a decrease in prices, therefore there will be more drug addicts. This is the first problem.

Illicit drugs are considered immoral because they harm people. Many illegal drugs cause negative effects on peopleЎЇs health. Many drug users commit murder, child and spouse abuse, rape, property damage, assault and other violent crimes under the influence of drugs. Drug users, many of whom are unable to hold jobs, commit robberies not only to obtain drugs, but also to purchase food, shelter, clothing and other goods and services. Increased violent crime and increased numbers of criminals will result in even



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