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What Is Stewardship

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        To understand what stewardship means we have to understand the first verse: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). As a creator, God has the rights of ownership of all things. Nothing else will make sense if we first don’t understand that God is the creator and has full ownership. It is our responsibility to know that we don’t own anything we have in our possessions that in reality it was never ours that God was simply letting us care for it for a little while.

Biblical Stewardship

        In biblical terms it describes stewardship as a relationship between man and God. It shows how God is the owner and man as the manager of possession. Stewardship defines our purpose in life of what God’s wants us to lead. Some people get the idea that God is simple taking something away from us but in fact God’s method is to bestow His gifts to His people. When we think of stewardship, we think of how we can manage our finances and our faithfulness in paying God’s tithes and offering, but it is clearly much more to it. Stewardship is more than just the management of our time, possessions, environment and our health. It is how obedient we are to God’s sovereignty. Stewardship means that as stewards of god we are managers of things which belongs to God, and we are under his control. Faithful stewardship means that we fully acknowledge we are not own but belong to Christ, the Lord.

Spending, Saving and Giving

        When it comes to spending, savings and giving not everybody will have the same agenda. I am not supposed to have the same financial priorities as the next person. Today, God might want me to spend less on fast food. God might be leading the next person to buy an expensive car or go out to a fancy restaurant. Basically, God is going to give me what I need and it is up to me on how I use it.  I have to make sure that I am spending my money wisely that I am using the money how God’s wants me to use it for. I have to work hard on saving my money so that way I can be prepared for the unexpected and when I save money I would have some money left over to give out freely to the ones who really need it. I learned daily of what I can live without because I have the ability to get the items doesn’t necessarily mean I have to buy the items. By living below my mean I will be able to save up money for future needs. I have to start planning and creating a budget to help me stay out of poverty and be comfortable.



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