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What Is Bullying According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary?

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Essay Preview: What Is Bullying According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary?

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"Stop Bullying"

What is bullying? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "Bullying is a way to frighten, hurt,or threaten a smaller or weaker person. And to cause someone to do something by making threats, insults, or by using force". Bullying is a major problem in many schools across the world. But what is bullying exactly? It is repeated verbal, physical, social, or psychological behaviour that is harmful and invovles the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more person. For me, bullying is very unacceptable by any means. Everyone has been bullied at least once in thier life, right? And I am a victim of bullying myself. It makes someone feel insecure, humiliated, and very uncomfortable.

"STOP BULLYING", help make the world be a happier, better place. But how? We should act to end bullying once and for all. In this argument, I will show my support in the fight against bullying. A lot of things had changed throughout the course of time; however, it is still prominent throughout the world today. Bullying is inhumane and needs to end. What do you think? Do you think the fight against bullying are effective? Do you all think that bullying don't exist anymore? Definitely WRONG! Despite all the fights against bullying; it still happen. Why? I myself think that the reason why it still happen is: first, discrimination, people thinks that they are powerful if they are wealthy. They can buy all kinds of stuff like foods, gadgets, and clothes; unlike poor people they are contented on whay they have. As discrimination exist, bullies also exist not the parents but their children. As the life of wealthy people goes like this, they will insult the poor ones. Second, people has no strength to fight others or the one that bully them. And lastly, people has not enough knowledge on how to deal with bullies. That's why more people are being bullied until today.

Why does it happen? A few reasons include: they think it's fun or that it makes them popular or cool. They feel more powerful or



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