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What Is Art

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Art is something that has great value to many people. Art is everywhere. It lives in the soul, mind and

even the heart. Art is an outlet for people to express themselves. Art is a way for the human mind to

express itself. It is a form of expression. There are many different ways to explain how art is created.

First of all, art is classified as paintings, drawings, architecture, ext... Art can also be dancing, singing,

And acting. It can be anything that expresses an idea. Art surrounds us. It is encountered so often that

often we don't realize art when we see it. Anyone can look at art and say " Wow! That's so beautiful to

me. Art is around to teach us . We can learn so much about ourselves and the world by viewing art.

Many times we create art without a reason. We believe that we are just making a pretty picture. Often

We us art to express our feelings . Every has some feeling or thought that they wish to express but they

Are afraid to do so. Art is seen as a opportunitiy for people to express themselves about their life.

Some people learn better visually than audibly. For these people, creating art will help ideas become

Clearer because they can visually see something. Art is a important part of modern society. Without art

We would not know as much about our history as we do today and the beauty of life.

In todays society people are worried about reputation. Art allows a person to express themselves



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