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What Caused the Introduction of Prohibition?

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Essay Preview: What Caused the Introduction of Prohibition?

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What caused the Introduction of Prohibition?

There are a plethora of factors/ reasons why prohibition was introduced. Such reasons include the Inefficiency of Businesses and industry, Social effects of alcohol e.g poverty, health, crime and domestic violence, Assertive religious Beliefs, role of women and their right to vote and World war 1.

A cause that partly woven the introduction of Prohibition was the Inefficiency of Industry. This was because Industrial managers such as Henry Ford and Taylor Frederick saw booze as a root cause Feckless behaviour of the workforce which eventually lead to inefficient workers who slowly produced low quality goods. “Industrial efficiency and discipline are essential elements in production line. This requires sobriety of the Workforce” this is Why Ford and Frederick Oppose alcohol and favoured prohibition.

Another cause of prohibition was the Social effects of alcohol on the people. Because of alcohol and its addictive properties it had broken families due to Domestic violence, how 90 percent of men's average wage spent on self destructive inebriation which led to poverty, crime and health problems- such include heart disease. In addition the fact that demands gradually increased and german brewers wanted to expand businesses the number of saloons proliferated along with prostitution, gambling and alcohol sphere of influence.

Due to these domestic and social problems people believed alcohol as the “Root of Evil” and “anti-chambers of hell” which had urged other states such as Washington DC, to apply prohibition. This led to nationwide anti-liquor campaigners such as NWCI National Woman's Christian Temperance Society, anti Saloon League and Religious protestants (to raise Piety) whom have heavily caused prohibition as they protested/ persuaded public how morally wrong Alcohol was.

In addition to the NWCI they have greatly aided prohibition as most of the women supported it because it believed it to prevent domestic violence/ abuse at home and maintain a generally civilised lifestyle . Due to the prohibition suffrage movements and the women’s right to vote allowed prohibition to be passed.



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