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What Adults Miss About Adolescents Who Grow Up In Cyberspace

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Essay Preview: What Adults Miss About Adolescents Who Grow Up In Cyberspace

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What Adults Miss About Adolescents who Grow up In Cyberspace

By Brent Staples

I understand exactly where Brent Staples' idea that teens are missing out on vital parts of what is a necessary

part of life. I agree that this is happening, however I do not agree this is a negative trend. I would be considered one of these adolscents that Brent talks about, as I myself grew up using the computer as a form of comunication. Brent neglects to realize that it is virtually impossible to not have human interaction in an adolescents daily life because of school. There has always been certain teens who are more or less sociable.

One thing that Brent does not explain, is why he is so concerned about the subject. Is he concerned for his children or maybe he is upset that times are changing. His personal reason to this particular issue needs an explanation. If Brent gave an indicationof where his sentiment stems from, this could aid the reader in connecting with his asseration. I feel that his ethos is hurt by this.

Brents' Logos at first seems logical and fair. However, after reading his argument several times, I believe it is weak. His claim is that the internet alows for "low quality" relationships and teens are missing out on invaluable real world experiences. Brent may not realize that the teens of today,are the adults of tomorow. Every generation changes in how teens and adults interact. I believe that the internet will become more involved in everyday life, and that if any adolescent misses out on it now will fall behind in the rapidly changing future. Brent has a reasonable concern about how adolscents are growing up, but history shows us that every generation is looked at as being introduce or influenced by perceived, negative cultural icons. In this case it is the internet that is being seen as something that is negative.

Brent has a small range of view on this subject as an adolescent. He does not go to classes or try to live in the world that is unique for each teenager. Classes now are taught through the internet, and anyone not savy enough can easily fall behind. Also, the communication in a variety of careers is changing. In a world where it is a requirement to be connected. Most business is done through the internet avoiding many social events. This is so with my job. I receive

my work via email or phone, and I never have to communicate in person with



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