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What About the End Time?

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What about the end time?

In fact, the Bible has given us a lot of things to keep the Christian vigilant but I think we are not doing enough. It is very common to hear or to come into contact with weird revelations about the proposed end time and many come out to call themselves end time prophets but the Christian church is not asking some questions.

  1. Does this end time concern us?
  2. Why this end time at all?
  3. If indeed we see the end, can we see the signs?
  4. Can anything seem normal
  5. If the road is narrow, then which is it?
  6. Is Satan interested in the church at all?
  7. Is Satan present in the church?
  8. Have we given up on REVELATIONS                                                                                                                                          

I just wonder if we are still vailed and blinded even in the house of the Lord. In actual sense we need to go beyond what we call system and stop worshiping system and search for truth beyond what we are born to meet. See, Satan knows God even far better than us. Come to think of it, imagine the system you are so bold to call Christianity from Jehovah Elohim is not Christianity but has been altered freely by humans by the aid of the angel of light who has been cast down from heaven a number of years ago. We shall build foundation concerning Satan and the church in connection to end time prophecies from scriptures as we go on. Now we have a group people called Holy Ghost philosophers and clergy who can’t tell us who changed God’s Sabbath and if man can alter Gods rules written by his own fingers? It should had been a ticket for Mary the mother of our New Testament era Jesus to apply the spices on Jesus’s body on Sabbath. See, we pretend behind grace and we are messing up. Very huge mess. Principles dealing with God’s sovereignty is out of reach of man. Be sincere, you would have hallowed God on a Thursday as of rest if that was what was going on in Christianity before you were born and see no problem with it. You will defend it to the latter. This is what I call the system. Yes, indeed we are not questioning enough and we waste time doing doctorate courses and doing higher learning that will end in fire. That! Is now our priority. Awake. Don’t follow doctrines and end up on the broad road for we are contending with a Spirit who knows more and is a professor in theology and Divine related issues. Just read the Bible and show me where the disciples dishonored the Sabbath. We will delve deep into that in “the seventh.”

Jesus proves why most can’t seem to be getting this end time process in fact this is the Son of God declaring some dangerous things. We all agree that the Bible is the most ancient book that is still current. In John 11:29 we see something so serious but before that in the chapter 28, Jesus says that blessed are those who heed to my word and keep it. The word is the word no segregations or separation. You can’t therefore do otherwise than the word. In 29, Jesus speaks to the generation. He spoke to those around him a thick crowd that is held tight to Him. People who are not following the man but are in the system. We are all here to see system. He didn’t tell people He caught doing evil. He told them that that this people demand for a sign but will never be given a sign but that of Jonah in that scenario, one will realize that Christ was on the end time business since that generation is far gone. Now we are here as this generation. We are blinded see not that there will not be signs. Even in Jonah’s time there was warnings but they didn’t care. What more signs did they expect to see other than destruction? In fact, the people were dead and did not see. Most of us are like that. No sign will be given since we are far from the narrow way. It will only sadly take us by surprise. In Mathew 12:39, Jesus refers to this generation as adulterous and wicked. No sign will be given. Such wickedness had crept into the Christian community now what human says is it. Let’s seek the truth for we shall find it when we seek it as a treasure so dear. Not like I need to know and we leave it there. The devil will bring lies to our doors. God was sad for the earth when Satan was dropped down from Heaven because He knew Satan’s potential (Revelation 12:12). I know we have power in Jesus. Yes, I believe and this is not meant to make you be Satan conscious but see, the devil means business when it comes to separating us from God. The earlier we note that, the better for us all. The Satan who deceived the correct and perfect man form; Adam and Eve into disobeying God has not changed. He is still the same and in action more strategically because His days are numbered.



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