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West Sussex

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Fire Bed and Bone

It is 1381 and the plague is spreading vastly Rufus and his family is trying not to get the plague. King Richard is ruling. The life for peasants is horrible will they escape. You will have to read the book to find out.

The author Henrietta Branford acts as if she was a dog she writes about things like what the smell was like if you were a dog what a dog would see. The sounds a dog would hear. What it what it would be like to be owned by peasants if you were a dog in 1381. It is quite amazing really.

Rufus and Comfort the doge's owners go through some tough times in the story. They have three children called Wat, Will and a toddler called Alice. They are husband and wife. All of them start off in the story. But will they all survive?

My favorite part of the book personally was when the rebels attack London because there is lots of fighting, buildings burning down. Generally lots of blood and gore

Fire, bed and bone is set in 1381 when the plague was and there was lots of peasants and rebels around. It is when John ball led the rebels into London. That makes it quite unusual. The whole story covers over about three years.

I think this book is for year 8s and above or reluctant readers. Because you have to read between the lines this is like being a detective to make the story make scence. Overall I think fire, bed and bone is quite a good book.



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