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Weight Loss Rules

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-always vacuum your stomach before perform any ab exercises.
-keep your core muscles tight to feel every single rep of any ab exercises.
-NEVER arch your lower back.
-if you did 15 reps and you don’t feel anything, keep doing and never stop till it hurts because the         real reps start when it hurts.
-NEVER rush for reps, always keep every rep slow and focus on full range of motion.

-always do slow and steady NEVER rush to finish the reps because you’re not in a running race.
-NEVER hyperextend your knees during any leg workout except for (leg extension) , because hyperextension of knees will cause long term injuries.
-Squat= make sure your knees never exceed your toes while going lower, keep your back straight all the time and also shoulders retracted.

-NEVER hyperextend your elbows while pressing anything against your body because it will cause long term join elbow injuries.
-Keep your chest up and shoulders retracted all the time.
-maintain full range of motion with slow reps NEVER rush.

-always keep the spine straight and NEVER slouch your shoulders.
-always keep them shoulder back and retracted.
-follow full range of motions.
-never arch your lower back while performing any exercises.

-as always, keep the shoulders back and retract them all the way.
-never Slouch.
-don’t give pressure to your neck while lifting heavy, it might cause neck pain.

-make sure burn given calories exactly.
-key in your body weight before starting your cardio.
-never get down from your machines until your burn given calories.

*all workout forms are in youtube , just key in the name of the exercise and watch 2 or 3 videos to get familiar with the movements
*never be afraid to be a beginner or fail, the more you fail the more you learn keep learning by reading and asking people
*results doesn’t happen overnight keep the fire burning till the end and btw there is no end

- keep 2-3 hours gap between meals and the last meal should be 2 hours before bed
- make sure to consume all meals without skipping them or adding more meals which are not from the plan. This will disturb your total calorie intake and make you struggle to reach your goal.
- please consume the given amount of water each day to ensure you’re healthy  



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