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War World 2

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The Austro-Hungarian officials sent an ultimatum to the Serbian Government on July 26, 1914. It was past the time limit on the ultimatum so Austro-Hungarian declared war on Serbia. Germany took sides with Austro-Hungarian and Russia took sides with Serbia. Then because Russia took sides with Serbia Germany declared war with Russia on August 1, 1914. Russia was also an ally with France so Germany was fighting war with France to on August 3, 1914. Then German troops were sent to Belgium, breaking the armistice (an agreement to stop fighting) to Belgium, because of that Great Briton declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914. War World 1 started.

Woodrow Wilson, the twenty-eighth president of the United States and some others thought it was militarism that caused the war. They thought that military elites and aristocracy had a lot of control over Germany, Russia, and Austria, to much. So that the war happened because they wanted power of the military and they had hate for democracy.

Because of the war woman began to do things that traditionally the men would do. There were woman coal miners, truck drivers, street sweepers, railroad workers, weapon makers, bankers, mail carriers, police officers and more. Many of them volunteered at the Red Cross.

By the end of the war Germany lost some of its land and Austria-Hungary ended up being two small countries. The Russia government was defeated by a revolution in 1917. After that a new peace treaty was signed with the Russians and the Central Powers it looked like that the Central Powers were going to win the war. But soon the Allies won many battles and it then seemed like the Allies would win. Soon a treaty of peace was signed.



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