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War On Terrorism

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Essay Preview: War On Terrorism

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The War on Terrorism threatens to undermine the security of the United States. While the United States has taken measure to instill security among the people there is still more to be done. Because of the War on Terrorism people across the globe remain scared for their lives. All people are scared except the people we are trying to scare.

In an article I read for the Powerweb assignments I learned that there are schools across the Middle East where young people go to learn how to be terrorists. These schools teach the students how to blow up significant objects and how to hide from figures of authority. They are taught to not be afraid of death, but rather to embrace it as a martyr. The major concern is that these schools are underground and hidden throughout the Middle East. The students are not necessarily from the location where they are going to school. This presents a significant problem as we realize that the terrorist run from location to location and are constantly learning how to terrorize our country.

When we plan attacks to devastate the country that they are currently in we must realize that we are not hurting them as they are not afraid to die for their cause. We must also realize that they might not be in the supposed location anymore. They are not tied to any one country. We are not fighting a normal war in the current situation. Casualties and destruction mean nothing to these terrorists.

When we set the stage for war in a country we also risk the country fighting back with weapons of mass destruction. These countries may be harboring terrorists which is punishable by war however they are not the terrorists themselves. The terrorists do not have the same loyalty to the country that the country has to the terrorists.

The best option in the current situation is a plan already developed by the Department of Defense. The plan



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