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Visual Analysis Assignment - Video Analysis

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Visual Analysis Assignment

I find this advertisement in Internet. But before selecting which advertisement, I knew that I choose this one. The purpose of this video is to show audience, how every mom played a big role in our live. Audience need understand that one mother on this planet. I think everyone should watch this advertisement because it’s important to understand how mom is important person in our live. For me if someone don’t like this video I think this person don’t have feelings. Because for me my mom is my only one best friend! I know sometimes we fighting with mom, but at the end of day we again come back friend. Only mom can feel when you have problem or you just have bad mood, and she know how to help you. Every time when I have situation I ask my mom how I should to do, but finally I do how I want and the end of this situation I always regret, why I didn’t listen her?  The rhetorical appeals in this advertisement it’s a lot of such as; to understand, to feel, to think, to memories etc. How much works she does all day. How many times she repeats what I want to do. I think the hardest work is the work mom.  I think only a mother worthy of respect. As for me, I think everyone can do everything for mom because, mom do every time for us. For my opinion, only the mother give the most valuable and not replaceable in this life. She gives best suggestions, best opinion, best love, and she never regrets that she provide. I want give my mom best life, how she gave for me. I want one that my mum was happy and never cried because when I see a tear on her face I always feel bad and uncomfortable. She should always know and be proud that she raised such a smart and beautiful son. And always I could take comfort that she will never worry about that with me something happens because time passes and views on life are changing and we are changing. But I know one thing that mom's the only one on this planet and it should be valued so much as once. I could not throw a difficult minute and will always be in her heart and she will be in my.  Always my mind how far I am from her and she from me, but the love which is between us it is so strong that this love cannot be broken.



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