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North Vietnam was battling for ownership of South Vietnam, so they could be a unified nation. To prevent the domino effect and further spread of communism, the USA troops in 1965 went into action against the Viet Cong until 1975. Not only did the Greatest superpower in the world get bested by a third world nation, but also lost many of it's young men to a meaningless war that they could have never won.

To prevent the domino effect and, from America's point of view, stop the further spread of communism, the U.S. held on to the Truman Doctrine and stood behind the South Vietnamese leader, Diem. The United States supplied Diem and has party with economical and military assistance to fight the forces of Ho Chi Minh, who was fighting for a united Vietnam and at the same opposed American and French intervention. What the United States did not realize was that Ho Chi Minh had the backing of the people of Vietnam, " By Supporting Her (France) attempt to establish a Vietnamese regime which lacked nationalist support, we helped insure that Vietnamese patriots would have no real alternative but to rally to the banner of Ho Chi Minh". Deim himself acknowledged that he was not excepted by the people of Vietnam nor did he have their support " Gained popularity as a leader of the resistance, not as a communist", and that the vast majority of his followers were nationalist and in no way pro communist. America failed to open

It's eyes and realize that a man such as Ho Chi Minh, who was the established leader of the nationalist movement, could never be replaced by a man, Deim, who was supported by foreign forces and was lesser known then Ho Chi Minh.

Deim was a leader of a government that was deeply corrupted and inefficient, resulting in it being unpopular with it's people in Saigon and villagers in the interior, who were neglected by the government. The largest mistake that Deim committed, with the backing



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