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Video Eval Guess Whos Coming To Dinner

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Essay Preview: Video Eval Guess Whos Coming To Dinner

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Video Evaluation

In the video clip Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, We witnessed several characters and their perceptions of a situation. That situation being an interracial marriage. This was done with Ð''60's mentality or outlook on the situation. The characters I have chosen to follow are Mr. and Mrs. Drayton.

Mr. Drayton has predisposed beliefs of African Americans. He doesn't believe that a white woman and a black man should be married. He also seems to group all black people in a certain category. Both of the preceding statements would be and example of stereotyping (pg. 78). He also demonstrates the standpoint theory (pg. 76) when he learns of his daughter wanting to marry a black man and tries to talk them out of it. He has his beliefs and he is trying to superimpose his beliefs upon his daughter, wife, and John's mother. He also seems to focus on the negative (pg 80) because he does not seem to believe that any good can come of this marriage.

Scrimpsher II

This all changes towards the end of the clip however. Mr. Drayton has several conversations with people throughout the clip who try to change is perception however that don't seem to affect his decision. He then begins a conversation with Mrs. Prentice and she says something that clicks inside his head. He starts to become more aware and more other-oriented (both pg. 84). He tells the group that he had been stubborn and "forgot what love was like" and that he was not thinking about what his daughter wanted and what made her happy. He placed himself in "her shoes" so to speak. He began to check his perception better.

Mrs. Drayton is completely opposite though. Not once did she demonstrate any negative perception of any other character is the clip. Right from the beginning she was very other-oriented



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