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Victory At Saratoga Marks A Turning Point In The War Of Independence

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Essay Preview: Victory At Saratoga Marks A Turning Point In The War Of Independence

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17th October 1777, an overwhelming victory of the American force over British. General John Burgoyne, who is the general of the British side, and his army have surrendered and give an end to this two-week long battle in Saratoga, New York. "We are not going to lose any inch of our land to the British!" said General Horatio Gates, who is the general of the American army. Although the

American army had fought a tough battle in the Freeman's Farm, General Gates has successfully lead his army to defeat British-German army.

The British plan was to separate New England from the rest of the colonies by capturing the Hudson River valley, including Lake Champlain. British General John Burgoyne set out with 3900 German, 3300 British, 650 Canadian and Indian soldiers in June, with the objective of reaching Albany, New York. British easily forced American army to retreat. But by

felling trees across roads, destroying all bridges, and harassing the British troops with sniper fire, British army was forced to slow down. Since the British needed decent road connections to transport their large baggage and supply train, they had to repair or rebuild the damaged roadways as they went. When they finally arrived at the Hudson, Burgoyne's force was running out of supplies and was eventually blocked from further progress by the army of General Gates. At last, on October 17, 1777, Burgoyne surrendered to General Horatio Gates. The Americans had won the battle.

The American victory at Saratoga persuaded the French to join side with America. With this new ally, the Americans had a new source of money and supplies, providing Washington's army with much needed support to continue fighting against the English for independence. Meanwhile, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Portugal enter League of Armed Neutrality and this make Britain fighting whole western world. American is not alone.



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