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Value Chain Analysis

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Course: Speaking skill


My full name is Tran Thi Diem Chau. I'm 19 yearolds. I'm a Vietnamese student and I've lived in Vietnam since I was born. I have two brothers and three sisters. They all get married except my younger brother and I. I'm living with my parents and my brother in district 11, HoChiMinh city. In my family, we get on well together. I'm going to study a business course at SIBME school next month so now I have to study English very hard. I can speak English but not very well, I've traveled in other countries so that I'm not shy when speaking English with the foreigners, except when I can't understand their meaning, it's so confusing!

I love to see film, listen to music and collect perfumes, I have fourteen bottles of perfume up to now, they all perfect, I often bought them at duty free shop in airport when I traveled. I used to play game on computer while listening to music in my free time. My hobby is traveling because I want to discover something new on over the world. I've traveled to Thailand and Australia up to now, I'm going to Australia again in this month to visit my sister and also for my holiday.

In the near future, I have to finish this business course in two years. Subsequently, I want to go oversea and continue studying. I love to work and live in foreign country, especially America, this country is very cosmopolitan. But my father is very difficult, he doesn't want his children to live abroad, I also have a plan to escape from him and do what I want, that's my ideal! Now, I'm trying my best in this English class to improve my pronunciation, it makes me more confident in communicating by English and very helpful for my future plans.



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