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Value Added and Non Value Added

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Sort is distinguishing or sort out between wanted (Value Added) and unwanted (Non Value Added) items at place of work and removal of unwanted (NVA) items. Sorting helps workers to increase in floor space utilization, searching time of tools, materials, and papers is reduced and inventory cost of unnecessary items is reduced.

Set in order is, arranging and labeling items in such a manner that they are easy to find and use. Some of the actions steps that workers needs to do are; they need to mark locations by creating addresses and applying labeling, marketing, and color- coding. Workers need standard plans for labeling, marketing, and color-coding to take things out and keep things back easily these things will help the workers to make lesser mistakes, reduce search time and for work environment becomes safe.

        Shine means removing dirt, strain, filth, soot and dust from the work area. This includes cleaning and care for equipment and facilities and also inspecting them for abnormalities. In a way it also includes primary maintenance of equipment. The action steps that the workers needs to do are;  get cleaning supplies  then clean the work area, Identify contamination sources and fix small imperfections. Workers needs cleaning supplies such as brooms, dust pans, rags, degreasers and floor cleaner. The workers also need Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and eye protection. With this, the workplace will become free of dirt and stains which is the starting point for quality. The equipment lifespan will prolong and breakdowns will be less and accidents will be prevented.

Standardize means systematizing the above 4s practices. This means that ensuring that whatever cleanliness and orderliness is achieved should be maintained. This should develop a work structure that will support the new practices and turn them into habits. The purpose of standardization is to make sure that everyone in the company follows the same procedure, the same names of items, the same size of signalization/ floor marking, shapes, colors, etc. Standardize also helps to do the right thing the right way every time. The workers needs to brainstorm ideas for making the 7s changes standard operating procedure and make sure all stakeholders are aware of the new standards- inform and educate. To do this, workers needs to support from those who can create documentation, job aids, and visual aids, Information and approval from those responsible for maintaining company procedures and poster-making supplies for posting new standards in work areas.

Sustain or Self Discipline means commitment to maintain orderliness and to practice first 3s as a way of life. Workers need to monitor processes established during S4-Standadize, Expand 5S efforts to other work areas, evaluate 5s effectiveness and continuously improve and recognize the rewards strong effects. To do this, the workers needs to have the proper management of superior, resources for communication and recognizing successes(newsletters, displays and awards), presentation tools for sharing best practices with other work areas and management commitment and focus on maintaining the new standards. The workers target outcomes are; promotes habits for complying with workplace rules and procedures, creates healthy atmosphere and good work place, helps develop teamwork and provides you with data for improving 5s.



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