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V for Vandetta Written by Alan More

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Essay Preview: V for Vandetta Written by Alan More

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Muhammad Amzar Bin Ibrahim (182839)

“V For Vandetta”  written by Alan More

              V for Vendetta is a science fiction movie directed by James MC Teigue and produced by Joel Silver. The storyline and the characters based on graphic novel by Alan More and the background was in London, United Kingdom in the late 20th century. Through this graphic novel, Alan More examines the villain hero while also demonstrating literature value of graphic novels. Moore trying to question the reader about V’s morality where he plans to kill a dictator of the government that rules England at that time. In order for a better country, he willingly to commit crimes by killing the three major leaders of the fascist party which are Lewis Prothero, Bishop Lilliman, and the last one, V kills Dr. Surridge. He is also sacrifices his love due to his determination to fight for justice and freedom. This movie contained several historical events that had been displayed during that time where makes the people more understand on its original text by Alan More.

            V for Vendetta can be referred to many historical events, one of the important event depicted on this movie was Cold War Involving two dominant countries in the world which is America and Soviet Union, competed one and another in order to control the economic and politic of the world. Moore who was the writer of the original text for V Vendetta was writing this story at the time of Cold War was still reality and in many ways, it is still escalating. The competition between these two power took many forms and the most popular was stockpiling of nuclear missiles. Both America and Soviet union increases their defence budgets and devoted huge sums of money to build more nuclear weapons. There was prompting apprehension that the arms race by these two power would result in a nuclear war, which could easily destroy the entire planet.

           What I have realised, the premise of V for Vendetta is that this war had occurred, both American and Soviet Union has been destroyed along with Africa. Moreover, one of important event to which V for Vendetta responds is the rise of conservatism in United Kingdom and America during the 1980s. On this decade, Ronald Reagan was the President of the America, and on the same time Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of England. They were criticized for their indifference to blacks, homosexuals , and many more  which to oppose the traditional moral values. Furthermore, both of them were attacked for refusing to allocating federal funds for AIDS research. It is proven that AIDS disproportionately targeted the demographics that didn’t vote conservative such as genders, homosexuals and the colour of the skin and it was indicated that Thatcher and Reagan were not giving funds to fight AIDS because they think that people white heterosexuals were not affected by it. Moore takes the both of them as conservatism to its ideological extreme with a highly conservative, homophobic, and racist regime that kills who against these ideal.



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