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1) Explain: The abbreviation USSR and define it.

The term USSR stand for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and it was made up of Russia and fourteen other republics (now former) for most of the 20th century.

2) Why are each of the following important:

Lake Baikal, Novaya Zemlya, the Aral Sea, the Kuril Islands, the Kola Peninsula, the Caspian Sea-why is the Caspian geostrategically important?

Lake Baikal- Important because it is the deepest continental body of water on Earth and it contains about 1/5th of Earth's fresh water supply. It is 5,300 feet deep, 400 miles long, 30 miles wide, has areas with up to one mile in depth, and is home to about 1,800 endemic plants and animals.

Novaya Zemlya- Important because it has at least twelve nuclear reactors and other radioactive material buried in its shallow seabed. Soviet officials have been dumping waste her for approximately 50 years.

The Aral Sea- Important because since the 1960's, it has lost 50% of its surface area, 75% of its volume, and has all but divided into two lakes. This is due mostly to diversion of river water that flowed into it because it was needed for industry.

The Kuril Islands- Important because they are controlled by Russia and Japan wants them back. They are located between the Kamchatka Peninsula and Hokkaido (Japan).

The Kola Peninsula- Important because it is a diversified mining area containing nickel, copper, iron, aluminum, other metals, and phosphate for fertilizer.

The Caspian Sea- Important because it is the world's largest inland sea (750 miles long and 200 miles wide). It is geostrategically important because it has abundant oil sources that can be found the five countries that border it.

3) Chernobyl-what could be the impact of a deliberate/terrorist nuclear plant event in Metropolitan Boston at either the Seabrook or Plymouth nuclear electrical plant? Compare and contrast the specific occurrences in the homework article (e.g., if a radius of 18 miles around Chernobyl were permanently evacuated, what specific towns 18 miles around Seabrook or Plymouth, Massachusetts would be declared a no man's land for the next 500 years?

If a disaster happened at either of these two nuclear sites, there would be hardship all across the board. First thing being that some of New Hampshire or Massachusetts' electrical supply. If it happened in Plymouth, Boston's electricity would be affected which would be a disaster in itself. Secondly, major job loss would occur along with huge debts due to cleanup which could kill our state's surplus permanently. Death and disease would also be a major issue (most importantly). Another issue is the waterways. Both are located on major bodies of water and that would be a disaster for wildlife and business in that area as well. If it occurred in Plymouth, towns like Derry NH, Salisbury, Danvers, Salem NH, Gloucester, Essex, Ipswich, Hampton NH, Methuen, and Newbury would all be "no man's land". If it occurred in Plymouth, towns like Carver, Middleborough, Duxbury, Barnstable, Falmouth, Wareham, Bridgewater, Halifax, Marshfield, and Bourne would all be considered "no man's land".

4) Name most of the major landform components that mark the boundary of Europe and Asia on the Eurasian landmass.




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