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Usnox Ad Analysis

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Ad Analysis

        Nobody has more respect for women than me. This advertisement was used to protest women’s rights during the presidential run for office in 2016. A video was posted of President Trump making lewd comments about women in 2005. In this advertisement the presenter is USNOX. USNOX runs a YouTube page that is highly devoted to the talks of politics. USNOX is ran by the family of Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts.

        The purpose of this advertisement was supposed to enrage the women of America to take a stand and not vote for President Trump during his electoral race. Women of America was heavily targeted for this specific advertisement; however, men also played a vital role in this advertisement. A man should understand the importance of treating a woman with dignity and respect, so how could we let our future (current) President undermine women with distasteful scrutiny.

        The importance of the color of red that is heavily used in this advertisement is symbolizing the Republican party. The Republican Party is who Donald Trump represents. The first thing your eyes are drawn on is the face of President Trump. It’s almost like he’s looking at you in the eyes plotting and scheming his next moves that will destruct your behalf, it’s a very unpleasant look. Donald Trump’s hair looks as smooth of a criminal as he is. The next thing you see right next to Donald Trump is the words in big bold letters “Nobody has more respect for women than me,” quoted Donald Trump. I believe when he said it was mockery, although to the public eye it was supposed to have been taken as he meant it. If you look at the face on Donald Trump and read the text right next to it, you would probably ask yourself “Is this guy serious.”

        This advertisement was a give or take in effectiveness; however, it was not fully effective since on January 20, 2016 Donald J. Trump won the presidency and took office.

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