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Usa Prohibition

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Why was Prohibition introduced into the USA in 1919?

Prohibition was when alcohol was banned from selling in the USA in the 1919. In this essay I am going to explain why Prohibition was introduced in 1919. Prohibition was mainly brought in because of Social, Medical & Economy reasons such as violence, financial problems & young deaths. It was brought in at the 16th January 1920. I will also describe who supported the Prohibition and who was against it.

One of the major pressures on the Prohibition was society. The husbands were spending all their families' savings on alcohol instead of essential items like education. The husbands would come home drunk and beat their wife's and even their own children. They would also be violent and abusive to other people which lead to fights and they would of got bad hurt or killed. This affected the family because the wife would have to bring up the children on her own and have money problems.

Many American men suffered from sclerosis which is caused by alcohol and lung cancer from cigarettes. They also suffered from fever, epilepsy, cholera and delirium tremens was also known to have been caused by alcohol. These people suffered and eventually died. If you didn't drink then you wouldn't get ill, this was called temperance. Because of all the husbands dieing children fought their lives without their fathers which lead to families financial problems.

Many labourers got drunk so they could not do their jobs properly. The absence from work was very high; therefore the company was less efficient. The company could not afford to produce the same products in the time that they should and the industrialists were not satisfied. Business men, women & dries (dries were people that did not drink) all supported an organisation called "The Anti-Saloon league". The ASL supported the prohibition; they wanted



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