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Urban Identity and Placemaking.

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Essay Preview: Urban Identity and Placemaking.

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The value proposition is one of the dimensions of business strategy indicating how to compete. It can in other word be described as what the organization offers to its customer as the best product value; meaning the concrete result and the benefits customers would like to get. The customer value proposition is a trade off between the benefits and the cost of a product. It is the perceived functional, social or emotional benefit of the customer in return of associated payment. The statement is designed to convince customers that one product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other in its competitive set. As a marketing statement, it states the reasons why a customer should select a product or service. Customer Value proposition (CVP) is a key factor in an organization’s success as it brings customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Pillsbury refrigerated cookies being one of the anchor product line of refrigerated baked goods (RBG) the performance of cookies for a profitable growing business lies on consumer’s preference.

For customer value, the first element that a product range must define is its target for more specific focus group. Which is segmented based on their attitude, beliefs, behaviour, location, gender or age. Pillsbury RBG product target are working mothers with an active and busy lifestyle aged between mid-30s to 40s. The next step to define the intended problems to solve is through an insight which relates to the target. An insight is gained through research study to understand consumer’s preference, attitude and behaviour towards the Pillsbury RGB cookies. The attitude study result shows that Canadians valued for scratch baking from scratch while amongst consumers of U.S refrigerated dough is most common baking method and RBG product is perceived to be easier than baking cookies from scratch. In Canadian market kids play a bigger role in driving purchases than quality value of cookie dough. The key



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