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Unusual People

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Marcie Toninato


English 101

Final Paper

The most unusual person I know

My boyfriend is a very interesting character. Caring, considerate, funny and crazy are just s few word I could use to describe my boyfriend. Each day is exciting and interesting when it is spent with him. My boyfriend Brent, is by far the most unusual person I know.

Brent is very playful. He often reminds me of a little kid. I think the most attractive aspect of him is his ability to laugh and have fun. Brent does not let me tease him without getting back at me, and most of the time it is twice the payback. Sometimes If I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day and he is in the shower, he will toss handfuls of water out at me. I act like it bothers me but in actuality I think it is wonderful. He also thinks that he is a pro wrestler and I am his opponent. I never win of course, but it is fun trying. Brent also knows that I am very jumpy and I can be scared easily. Because he has this information he often hides behind the corner only to jump out and scare me when I walk by, it works every time.

Although he is mostly playful, He is still quit the charmer. Brent is very sensitive and makes me feel wonderful. I never feel like I am pushed a side and he makes sure that I always feel special. He has a way of bringing out the best in me. He will clean the house while I am at class, change the channel to Animal Planet (because it is my favorite), ask if I need something when he goes to the kitchen, and makes sure I am always happy. He has a very light temper and never looses his cool with me. He likes to talk things out and he is very considerate about my feelings.

Brent still does not forget about his manly side . He has the common need to lose himself for hours at a time playing football and hockey on the Nintendo. He reads sports illustrated, needs to watch ESPN and play fantasy football on the Internet. I do not understand why these things are so important. But, I think that is why there is a common saying that goes," Men



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